Ripple Casinos in New Zealand

Here you will learn how to choose the best Ripple casino in NZ. In detail, the article will review bonuses and free spins from various online casinos that accept Ripple. To have the best gaming experience, ensure you engage the right casino. Keep reading to learn more about casinos with XRP.

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By Lars Wahlstrรถm - Updated January 18, 2023

Reading time: 9 minutes

What is Ripple Casino?

Ripple Casinos

Ripple is a digital payment network with its cryptocurrency, XRP. On that note, Ripple Casino is an online gaming website that allows you to stake using this crypto. T

hankfully, it's an efficient method that you can use for your deposit and cash-out needs. Moreover, one thing to love about this option is that it supports instant withdrawals.

Plus, unlike other cryptocurrencies, you do not need to add transactions to blocks, thus slowing the process. In addition, all XRP coins are already mined and use a trusted node list for transaction verification. In the end, this assures you fast transactions

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How to Find the Best Ripple Casinos

Time needed:ย 10 minutes.

Not any Ripple Casino will offer a top-notch gaming experience. As such, you need to ensure you find the right if you wish to have a great time. Well, we know that might be a challenge. Therefore, we have gone the extra mile to compile some factors to consider if you want to find a good casino.

  1. License and Regulations

    License and RegulationsIndeed, gaming can only be fun and relaxing when you are on a legal website. Thus, always check whether a site has a legit license, more so from a recognized regulator.

  2. Safety and Security

    Safety and SecurityYour safety while gaming online is vital. Hence, this makes a crucial factor while checking out a website since you need the one that protects your data. Here, go for the site that engages various security measures like data encryption using SSL.

  3. Trustworthy and Reputation

    Trustworthy and ReputationAlways settle for a site that has a good reputation in the industry. You can read reviews and feedback to know if the site that excites you is trustworthy.

  4. Variety of Games

    Variety of GamesOnline gaming can only be exciting when you have more than enough titles to try out. Therefore, a Ripple Casino with a rich game portfolio will be an excellent choice for you.

  5. User Experience (App)

    User ExperienceIt can be thrilling to be able to access your Ripple Casino even while on the move. Unlike PCs, you can carry your handheld device anywhere. Thus, look for a platform that is compatible with your mobile device, either iOS or Android.

  6. Bonuses and Promotions

    Bonuses and promotionsRipple Casinos have various bonuses that you can enjoy while playing the games that interest you. With that, only consider gaming on a website with generous casino bonuses and friendly bonus terms.

  7. Loyalty Program (VIP-Program)

    Loyalty ProgramA Ripple Casino that will reward you for your loyalty will be the right one. Here, be keen on the requirements to join the VIP program and the rewards at each level.

  8. Customer Service

    Customer SupportAlways look for a casino that will handle any issue you have on time. In essence, finding a casino with excellent customer service is the goal. So, go for the one with a responsive team and multiple contact methods.

Ripple Casino Bonus

We can help you find New Zealand Ripple casinos with the best casino bonuses on the market. Here, we only recommend Ripple casinos that provide you with decent casino welcome bonuses after registration.

Still, our list only features Ripple casinos that provide you with additional bonuses such as reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, and free spins.

Ripple Casinos With Free Spins

Our New Zealand Ripple casinos have a variety of free spins bonuses for all players. For instance, most casinos will offer you free spins on registration.

We also have a couple of ripple casino sites that provide you with regular free spins upon becoming a frequent gambler. With XRP free spins, you can play pokies machines for free.

No Deposit Bonus

Here we also have Ripple casinos that provide you with the best no deposit bonuses in New Zealand. For example, we have Ripple gambling sites that provide you with no deposit bonus spins and no deposit bonus money during registration.

Additionally, we have a variety of casinos that provide existing players with no deposit bonuses. As you can see, our Ripple casinos have no deposit bonuses for all players.

NZ Ripple Mobile Casino

The majority of NZ Ripple Casinos we have listed on this page are mobile-friendly. Specifically, they have mobile websites compatible with mobile devices like Android, iOS, and Windows.

This is to say that you can make deposits and wager on casino games whenever you want and from wherever you are. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

Deposit Bonus at Casinos that Accepts XRP

If you are looking for a Ripple casino with the best NZ deposit bonuses, we have got what you need. Here, we have dozens of casinos that provide you with different types of deposit bonuses.

For example, we have Ripple casinos that offer you match deposit bonuses after signing up. We also have Ripple gaming sites that offer you deposit bonuses once you deposit via Ripple.

Best New Ripple Casinos in NZ

Here on this page, we have a long list of new casinos that accept Ripple. We have reviewed the sites, and we can assure you they are the best we have ever seen.

When you register with them, you will experience the thrills of the latest online casino games in the industry. In addition, you will receive some of the best bonuses on the market.

Ripple Minimum Deposit Casinos

All New Zealand Ripple casinos available on our list are minimum deposit casinos. In other words, they are friendly to players with a tight budget.

We, for example, have Ripple casinos that you can join and deposit at least 1XRP. Moreover, we have some sites that allow you to deposit 5XRP and 10XRP.

XRP No Wagering Casinos

On this page, we have several XRP casinos that provide you with a variety of wager-free bonuses. A wager-free bonus is a casino bonus that is not subject to any wagering requirements.

This means you can withdraw the bonus right away after unlocking it. If you are up to these types of bonuses, you only need to sign-up with our Ripple casinos.

XRP Casinos Online with Bonus Codes

We, indeed, know that there are some casino players who like bonus codes. Therefore, we only recommend Ripple casinos that provide new and existing players with bonus codes.

In most cases, you will find that Ripple casinos attach bonus codes to bonuses like welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, etc. To unlock the bonuses attached to bonus codes, you only need to enter the codes when depositing money.


While gaming at a Ripple Casino, you are sure of reaping various benefits. And, below are some of the gains linked to Ripple sites.

  1. Quick or Instant Money Transfers – With Ripple, there are no delays since you will make payments in just a few seconds.
  2. No Extra Transaction Fees – While gaming on a Ripple Casino, you will cut short your expenses since the transaction charges are quite minimal.
  3. Protected Payment Information – All legit sites protect your data, ensuring it's safe from any form of misuse.
  4. Anonymous Option – Even though Ripple has a centralized nature, it assures you of anonymity.
  5. Easy Currency Exchange – Amazingly, you can exchange your local currency for any other through XRP. Again, the fees will be negligible.
  6. Reliability – While using Ripple, you can be sure of reliability. The reason being all the XRP, 100 billion XRP, are already available. In the long run, this curbs ridiculous inflation or deflation.


Every coin has two sides, so does Ripple. Below are some of the drawbacks of Ripple.

  1. Limited Casinos – Not many casinos support Ripple. Because of that, it might be hard finding a site that meets all your needs.
  2. Centralized Control – Ripple lacks control from banks and governments right from the beginning. In the case of Ripple, various validator nodes control the emission of new XRP tokens. Thus, it might inconvenience you, supposing Ripple executives change their policies, not in your favor.


What Is Ripple?

The Ripple protocol was created as an alternative way of sending money and settling transactions. Ripple is not a cryptocurrency in and of itself; the system is using a digital asset called XRP for that purpose. However, both names are often used to denote the currency at the core of the system, or even interchangeably.

Ripple or XRP?

Ripple is a system for payment and settlement operations. XRP is a cryptocurrency that allows you to conduct transactions in Ripple.

How is XRP used for casino and betting?

There are several fundamental advantages that cryptocurrencies bring to online gambling. Speed, anonymity, low fees; these are some of the things we look for in crypto. XRP excels at speed and extremely low transaction fees, as it was intended to be a quick transferable asset.

Can I trust Ripple Casinos?

Yes, but you first need to check if it has a license from a recognized company.

Can I cash out through Ripple?

The crypto is ideal for withdrawals. So, yes, you can request your money through Ripple and expect it in minutes.

Which games do Ripple Casinos offer?

The sites have a variety, including tables, pokies, live games, game shows, and more.

Do Ripple casinos have a minimum deposit amount?

Most casinos that accept Ripple will allow you to deposit the amount you like, whether little or huge.

Why do so few gambling sites accept Ripple as compared to Bitcoin?

Thereโ€™s no reason in particular. However, there is a growing number of Ripple gambling sites, and as the advantages of this crypto become clear, we expect a lot more to pop up in the future.

Does Ripple the company run any of gambling sites?

No. Ripple is a payments company. It does not operate or even endorse any of the casinos that accept XRP.

Do mobile casinos accept Ripple?

Yes. If you are an active mobile user, it is possible to start playing Ripple casino games on your smartphone or tablet.

History of Ripple

The original OpenCoin Corporation opened its doors in 2012. With the efforts of Jeb McCaleb and Chris Larson, the development of the Ripple payment and exchange network kicked off. Next, in 2013, OpenCoin rebranded to Ripple Labs.

Moreover, along the way, Ripple gained a virtual currency license, and in 2016, it became the fourth currency to hold a BitLicense. Then, by the year 2017, the value of XRP had increased numerously, and to date, it continues to rise.

Notably, it has been acquiring new and huge customers, including American Express and Santander Group. Currently, it is only behind Ethereum and Bitcoin, thus making it the third-largest crypto. You can, therefore, see why it is a popular payment method in the gaming arena.

Ripple Casinos Summary

It's been more than nine years since Ripple ventured into the market. More so, the company continues to grow, and at the moment, it is the third most popular currency. Indeed, its benefits to online gamers are apparent. Be sure you will not find such fast deposits and payments anywhere apart from Ripple Casinos.

In addition, the casinos have low transaction fees that you might miss noticing. Also, the casinos are ideal in that they offer all game types.

Thus, whether you are online pokies, card games, scratch cards, or even a live games lover, you will find these casinos befitting. Putting all these factors in mind, it goes without saying that Ripple Casinos are excellent.

Welcome Bonus

100% up to NZ$1500

Free Spins

150 Free Spins