Bitcoin Casinos in New Zealand

The great thing about a Bitcoin Casino is that you know right away if it’s what you’re looking for or not. Even if you’re new to online casinos, you don’t have to do any research into Bitcoin. You know whether you need to be looking into casinos that accept it. Do you have bitcoins? If you do, check out these NZ casinos! Don’t have any Bitcoin? You’ve never even heard of it? So, move along and find a casino that takes currency that you do have!

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What is a Bitcoin Casino?

A Bitcoin Casino, as you might have guessed, is a NZ casino that accepts Bitcoin. This can be a casino that accepts only Bitcoin or one that accepts all sorts of currency, including Bitcoin. The important thing is simply that you’re looking to spend it and they happen to take it. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a cryptocurrency that popped up a little over a decade ago. It’s a decentralized currency, meaning that it’s not the official currency of any country.

Bitcoin Casinos NZ with no deposit bonus

Bitcoin Casinos NZ with no deposit bonus operate just like any other casino that doesn’t have a deposit bonus. Once you sign up, you’ll receive whatever welcome bonus that particular casino offers. You won’t have to make an initial deposit in order to get the bonus.

This is always a nice gesture on the casino’s part. If there’s no deposit involved, the bonus will likely come in the form of free spins. When there is a deposit involved, the casino will oftentimes match your deposit, so that's the welcome bonus. Bitcoin or not, bonuses are handled the same wherever you go.

Bitcoin jackpots hit the same

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, if you’re a Bitcoin user, you’ll be looking for an online casino that accepts them. We can help you with that. The currency a casino accepts doesn’t mean it’s a good casino, a bad casino, or one in between. They all have their pros and their cons, which is why we’ve compiled these lists. Above all, you want to win.

How we rank the best Bitcoin Casinos in New Zealand

Our main job here is to recommend to you Bitcoin Casinos that are above average. And to achieve this, we rank the casinos based on the following factors.

  • License and regulations: All the Bitcoin Casinos on our list are licensed and regulated. Specifically, they operate under the laws stipulated by the New Zealand Gambling Commission. In addition to this, they have licenses from respective authorities if they are offshore casinos.
  • Safety and security: We understand that scammers do exist. As a result, we put your safety and security before everything. All the Bitcoin Casinos you will get here utilize the latest security technologies such as Secure Socket Layer.
  • Trustworthy and reputation: For us to know if the casino is trustworthy, we check whether they are fair or not. Also, this goes hand in hand with the positive reputation of the casino. On our list, you can rest assured of getting the most trusted and reputable casinos.
  • Number and variety of games: For a NZ casino to rank high, it must offer you a broad range of games. Furthermore, the games must be the best from prominent providers. To this end, you will always find a game that matches your taste and preference on our list.
  • User experience (app): Whether you are playing for fun or money, the gameplay should be a thrilling one. As such, we make sure you get a world-class experience by checking if it is possible to play via mobile. This includes both in-browser gaming and via a mobile app.
  • Bitcoin bonuses and promotions: Still, we cannot overlook the perks you will get after becoming a customer. Our list of NZ Bitcoin Casinos have impressive packages to keep you motivated.
  • Loyalty program (VIP-program): Indeed, we want you to deal with casinos that value your loyalty. For them to qualify to be on our list, we check their loyalty schemes, where you will get rewards.
  • Customer service: Lastly, we understand that you may experience hitches during your gambling adventure. For this reason, we check the ease of reaching the customer support team. Specifically, the support team must be friendly, professional, and available 24/7.

Advantages of playing at a Bitcoin Casino NZ

Of course, there are reasons why Bitcoin Casinos are the best choice for many NZ gamblers nowadays. The bookmakers that use Bitcoin come in handy with great benefits such as:

  • Quick or instant money transfers: Whether you are making local transfers or international transfers, the processing time is close to instant. With this in place, nothing can prevent you from gambling anytime you want.
  • No extra transfer fees: Well, gambling should be about gaining more than you lose. While using Bitcoin, there are no middlemen, meaning that deposit and withdrawal fees are close to zero.
  • Protected payment information: Amazingly, you don’t need to submit any personal data in order to use Bitcoin. As a result, you will not encounter any issues of identity theft or other fraudulent practices.
  • Anonymous option: As we said, you don’t need to attach your personal information to your Bitcoin wallet. This ensures privacy of the highest level.
  • Decentralization: Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning you can use it from wherever you are. In fact, there is no regulatory body, meaning you have control over your transactions.

Disadvantages of playing at a casino with Bitcoin in New Zealand

Despite having an edge against other payment methods, Bitcoin has some flaws. However, they are short-lived, but it is worth noting them. They include:

  • Volatility: The price of Bitcoin keeps going up and down because the amount in circulation is limited. Also, the demand is high, meaning you may lack enough amounts to gamble with.
  • You cannot trace Bitcoin: Bitcoin is anonymous, meaning that criminals can take advantage of this.
  • Not all casinos use Bitcoin: This payment method is still in its infancy stage. As such, some casinos are yet to adopt it.
  • No regulatory bodies: There are no set rules on Bitcoin usage. This is because there isn’t any single body that oversees the operations. So, if you lose your money, you are alone.

Bitcoin history

Bitcoin is a digital asset that works perfectly as a medium of exchange. It dates back to 2008 when the domain name came into existence. During the same year, Satoshi Nakamoto authored a letter titled “Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system”. In fact, the author of the letter provided it as a link. The name behind this pseudonym is believed to be the developer of Bitcoin.

Later in 2009, the Bitcoin network came to force, where Nakamoto mined the genesis block of blockchain and had 50 Bitcoin. As time went by, prominent people supported Bitcoin, and the first one to do so was Hai Finney. Today, many individuals and companies, including casinos, have adopted it as a payment method.

Bitcoin Casino New Zealand summary

If you want to take your gambling experience to the next level, you should try out Bitcoin Casinos. Precisely, the casinos come in handy with amazing deals that you will never find at any other casino. Firstly, making payment via Bitcoin is free of charge. This is because there are no intermediaries. Secondly, the casinos will offer your special bonuses and promotions after depositing via Bitcoin. Better still, the casinos are safe, secure, and reliable. Last but not least, you will get a VIP treat and excellent customer service in these casinos. These, among others, make Bitcoin Casinos in New Zealand stand out from the crowd.

Bitcoin Casino New Zealand

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  

› Are Bitcoin casinos legal and legit in New Zealand?
Yes, all the casinos operate under the regulation of the New Zealand Gambling Commission. They also hold other licenses from offshore regulatory bodies such as MGA.
› Are there deposits and withdrawal fees?
No, Bitcoin doesn’t have intermediaries, meaning that there are no handling fees.
› Are Bitcoin casinos fast in terms of deposits and withdrawals?
Yes, all deposits are instant. On the other hand, withdrawals via Bitcoin will take less than 24 hours.
› How safe are Bitcoin casinos?
With Bitcoin, you don’t need to submit your personal data. As a result, you will not experience identity theft.