Cookie Policy uses cookies to store information about a wide variety of settings and features. We also use cookies to collect anonymous information about the pages on the site you visit, and to analyse the traffic on the site.

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What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files sent from web servers to be stored in web browsers or devices. Ultimately, cookies are used to help site owners provide a better end user experience.

On, we use the following cookies:

  • First party cookies (cookies set by the website you visit).
  • Permanent cookies (cookies that remain on your device until you delete them or they expire).
  • Session cookies (a temporary cookie that expires when you close your browser or device).
  • Third party cookies (cookies set by a third party website).

By approving cookies on, you’re permitting the gathering of information to enhance your experience. Rest assured, we will never share these cookies with a 3rd part, instead we’re only using them to enhance your experience and analyse data.

Cookies are used on almost every single web page out there, but are completely voluntary. If you do not want us to store cookies on your device, you have the ability to block the use of cookies by changing a setting in your web browser.

If you’re looking to avoid cookies, please visit to opt out.

If you’re looking to learn more about cookies, please read more here.

By Lars Wahlström - Updated August 1, 2022