Cashback vs Rebate Casino Bonus: What’s the Difference?

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Lars Wahlström Published: Feb 04,2024

Online casinos offer an array of different bonuses and rewards to attract and retain players. Among these, rebate and cashback bonuses stand out among other New Zealand casino bonuses for their ability to offer players a second chance at winning.

In this guide, we will talk about the nuances and differences between these two online casino bonuses.

What Are Rebate and Cashback Bonuses?

Rebate and cashback bonuses are both incentives offered by online casinos to reward players' loyalty and encourage continued play. However, rebate bonuses and cashback bonuses have some crucial differences, and each comes with its own unique appeal and functions.

Rebate Bonuses

Rebate Bonuses are rewards that online casinos offer based on the amount of money a player wagers over a certain period. Unlike cashback bonuses, which are typically based on losses, rebate bonuses are calculated on the total volume of bets, regardless of wins or losses.

This means that players receive a small percentage of their total bets back as a bonus. Rebate bonuses are very appealing to frequent players, as they offer the chance to get something back for every bet you make.

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback Bonuses are designed to offer something back to players who have experienced losses. These bonuses work by returning a portion of the lost money back to the player. For instance, if a casino offers a 20% cashback bonus and a player loses £100, they would receive £20 back.

This type of bonus serves as a safety net, reducing the sting of losses. Unlike rebate bonuses, cashback bonuses are solely based on the player's net losses during a specified period of time.

Differences Between Rebate and Cashback Casino Bonuses

While cashback and rebate casino offers share a common goal of enhancing the gaming experience, their mechanisms differ significantly. Let's navigate through these differences to provide a clearer understanding of how each bonus type operates within the exciting world of online casinos.


The foundation of any bonus lies in its calculation method. Here, we explain how rebate and cashback bonuses are calculated.

  • Rebate: Calculated on the total volume of bets placed, regardless of wins or losses.
  • Cashback: Based on the net losses incurred during a specified period.

Target Audience

Who benefits the most from these bonuses? Each bonus has its core audience, players who benefit the most from these online casino rewards.

  • Rebate: Aimed at frequent players who wager large sums, offering a reward for consistent play.
  • Cashback: Designed for all players as a form of consolation for losses.

Frequency of Payout

Timing is everything in the world of online gaming. Let’s explore how the frequency of payouts for rebate and cashback bonuses aligns with players' gaming style and preferences.

  • Rebate: Often paid out at regular intervals, like weekly or monthly, based on betting activity.
  • Cashback: Typically calculated and paid out based on a set period of losses, such as weekly or monthly losses.


Every bonus has its mission. Let’s talk about the objectives of rebate and cashback bonuses, and how they fulfill different strategic roles in a player's gaming experience.

  • Rebate: Encourages higher and more consistent betting, rewarding player loyalty.
  • Cashback: Acts as a safety net, reducing the impact of losses and encouraging continued play.

Withdrawal Conditions

The final hurdle before taking advantage of a bonus is often its withdrawal conditions. This section clarifies the terms under which players can enjoy their bonus.

  • Rebate: May have specific wagering requirements before withdrawal.
  • Cashback: Often comes with fewer restrictions, sometimes allowing immediate withdrawal or use.

Which Bonus is Better: Rebate or Cashback?

Choosing between rebate and cashback bonuses is not a one-size-fits-all decision. It hinges on a player's individual gaming habits and preferences.

Rebate bonuses are great for frequent players who gamble regularly and bet larger sums, rewarding their consistent play. In contrast, cashback bonuses are more suited for players seeking a safety net, offering consolation for losses incurred.

The choice between the two depends on your playstyle, risk tolerance, and whether you seek immediate or long-term rewards. Ultimately, understanding your gaming preferences is crucial in determining which bonus type aligns best with your online casino experience.

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